BSF Garage Doors

Beautiful homes often miss the finishing touch of an attractive, eye-catching garage door that is in complete harmony with your home. Practicality, reliability and durability cannot be overlooked though. Being secure, easy to operate and safe to use, a great garage door will add value to your property.

It’s extremely important that a great looking garage door also meets your expectations of longevity, durability and safety. Applying to construction, materials used and all of the parts – BSF guarantee the highest quality.

High-Line Garage Doors

For many people, the High-Line garage door provides the perfect combination of durability, functionality and class. It is not without reason that the doors from the High-Line series are the most commonly sold doors in our product range. The series offers a wide range of surface structures and profiles, from modern to classical. Your door is made to measure and supplied in the colour you desire.

Wood-Line Garage Doors

Would you prefer a garage door with an authentic warm wood look? Perhaps you also want a door with the life and easy maintenance of a steel garage door? The Wood-Line series offers you a wide range of options. From completely classical with cassettes to exclusive and modern. You can hardly tell the Wood-Line panels from panels made of real wood and they give your home a refined, characterful appearance. However, they are as ‘hard’ as steel.

The Glazed Aluminium garage door is a reliable and durable aluminium door, with a wide range of options. The Glazed Aluminium offers you the ultimate freedom to create your personal design.

The garage door is constructed from a maintenance-free aluminium frame, which you can fill with a variety of panels and/or glazing of your own choice.

This can give your garage door a surprisingly different appearance.

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Design-Line Garage Doors

Are you looking for a garage door with a special appearance? Consider our Design-Line series. The steel skin of the 40mm thick sandwich panels used in this line is available in various designs: Umbra, Antra and Nature. Each has its own character. From modern and trendy to natural and timeless. With a Design- Line garage door, you make an architectural statement and add a special touch to your home.